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Created Mar 10, 2016
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badiret with libps4,ps4link,ps4sh
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] commands listener received packet size (266)
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] Received command execpayload argc=0 argv=
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] execpayload command thread UID: 0x80D2A520
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: [PS4LINK] commands listener waiting for next command
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: Loaded on corer 7
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: Setting affinity return 0x00000000
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: xpageEntryHi = ffffffff833249a8
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: mmap codepe0 825fc000
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: mmap codepe1 1825fc000
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: mmap codepe2 2825fc000
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: mmap codepe3 3825fc000
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: mmap codepe4 4825fc000
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: mmap codepe5 5825fc000
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: prefault codepe0
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: prefault codepe1
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: prefault codepe2
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: prefault codepe3
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: prefault codepe4
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: prefault codepe5
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: mmap codepw 200868000
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: payload 93a3030b4
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: dir payload 93a3030b4
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: tramp 0xB4 0x30 0x30 0x3A 0x09 0x00 0x00 0x00
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: prefault criticalPayloadMessage
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: Loaded 2 on core 6
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: Setting affinity return 0x00000000
log: [PS4][DEBUG]: sysarch return 0
[+] Entered critical payload
after this in we are in while(1) code on payload :) kernel execution achieved
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