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Last active May 24, 2018
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OpenRefine - export template: geojson points

This OpenRefine Templating export format template will generate a geojson file containing a list of points.


  • the name of the column containing the marker description (Place in the example);
  • a column containing numerical latitude co-ordinate values (Lat in the example);
  • a column containing numerical longitude co-ordinate values (Long in the example).

Example data:

"London, UK",-0.1276597, 51.5072759
"Cambridge, UK",  0.124862, 52.2033051
"Paris, France", 2.3521334, 48.8565056
{"features": [
{ "coordinates": [ {{cells["Long"].value}},
"type": "Point"},
"id": {{jsonize(cells["Place"].value)}},
"properties": {}, "type": "Feature"
], "type": "FeatureCollection"}
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