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# A quick and dirty script for converting a lablog xml dump into a json format and
# from there on to GUESS for importing into Gephi
from xml.etree import ElementTree as ET
import re
import simplejson
infile = 'blogdump.xml'
jsonfile = 'blogdump.json'
guessfile = 'blogdump.gdf'
tree = ET.parse(infile)
root = tree.getroot()
bloglinks = re.compile('(\\[blog\\])' + '(\\d+)' +
'(\\[\\/blog\\])', re.IGNORECASE|re.DOTALL)
f = open(jsonfile, 'w')
dumplist = []
for post in root.getiterator('post'):
postdict = {}
postdict['title'] = post.find('title').text
postdict['id'] = post.find('id').text
postdict['section'] = post.find('section').text
postdict['author'] = post.find('author').text
postdict['datestamp'] = post.find('datestamp').text
postdict['timestamp'] = post.find('timestamp').text
postdict['content'] = {'bbcode': post.find('content').text,
'html' : post.find('html').text}
postdict['internal-links'] = []
# Search through content for [blog]###[/blog] and create iterator
bloglinkslist = bloglinks.finditer(post.find('content').text)
for link in bloglinkslist:
# For each link grab the ID and append to list of links
# postdict['permalink'] = post.find('permalink').text
f2 = open(guessfile, 'w')
#label is a reserved word used to display node labels
f2.write('nodedef> name, label STRING, section VARCHAR\n')
nodelist = ''
nodetrack = []
edgelist = ''
for post in dumplist:
#just checking against duplicates?
if post['id'] not in nodes:
nodelist += ('id' + post['id'] +',"' + post['title'] + '",'
+ post['section'] + '\n')
for post in dumplist:
for link in post['internal-links']:
edgelist += 'id' + post['id'] + ',id' + link + '\n'
if nodetrack.count(link) == 0:
nodelist += 'id' + link +',external,unknown\n'

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commented Oct 2, 2010

There are several blogs running on our server and the XML is just the download from my own. So there are links from my blog to others on the server. These nodes aren't explicitly in the XML dump but I know that the ID codes are unique. So this code writes out a list of those nodes it discovers from the ID tag in the XML, then in the code from 66 onwards we just check whether the target of the links is in that list. If not we add that node as an external link.

I'll set up a proper Git Repo and invite you and then clean up the XML. I need to talk to the DB manager about how to remove the SQL insertion attack on the back end.

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