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Last active Feb 19, 2019
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from collections import Counter
import hypothesis.strategies as st
import hypothesis as hp
import pytest
def merge(xs, ys):
xs, ys = iter(xs), iter(ys)
none = object()
y = next(ys, none)
if y is not none:
while True:
x = next(xs)
if x > y:
x, xs, y, ys = y, ys, x, xs
yield x
except StopIteration:
yield y
ys = xs
yield from ys
@hp.given(st.lists(st.integers()), st.lists(st.integers()))
def test_merge(xs, ys):
merged = list(merge(sorted(xs), sorted(ys)))
assert all(x <= y for x, y in zip(merged, merged[1:]))
assert Counter(xs + ys) == Counter(merged)
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