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Change your MAC address on iOS 7-8 (not working on iOS 9 atm)
# Require root (type "su", default password is "alpine")
nvram wifiaddr=10:9A:DD$(hexdump -n3 -e '/1 ":%02X"' /dev/random) && reboot

Hi there,

Change your MAC address on iOS 7-8

Changing your MAC address can be extremely useful in some situation. Let me give you a few:

  • You are limited by time on public networks and everyone want more than just 15 minutes of internet.
  • You want to regenerate your UDID
  • A lot of governments rely on this to find you and then intercept your datas. In France for example, secret services have full access to public Wi-Fi and therefore can locate you by using your MAC address.

With this little snippet of code, your iOS device will reboot and will looks like an iMac. Combining this with closing the 62078 port and modifying the name of your device (General > About > Name) for example to "François Hollande's iMac" will give you a better anonymity on public networks.

Special requirement

  • A jailbroken iOS device
  • MobileTerminal package or any SSH terminal to execute commands on the iOS device
  • developer-cmds & network-cmds packages (available on Cydia).

Important details

There are few non-important glitchs when the device will reboot depending on the iOS version:

  • For iOS 7: You are going to re-activate your device. An internet access will be required.
  • For iOS 8: You will be able to get the springboard but all apps will be locked down, you must connect to internet before and type your Apple password in one app. Everything should be back to normal after.

Both of these issues occur because your UDID changed (a part of the UDID is based on the MAC address). Don't worry, nothing has been deleted.

WARNING: You will not be able to revert back to your original MAC address if you do not write it down before everything. If you want to revert back, just do: sudo nvram wifiaddr=[MAC] && sudo reboot and replace [MAC] by your old MAC address.

WARNING: Don't mess with nvram, it could block your phone (here, your Wi-Fi card) if used in a wrong way.


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commented Oct 23, 2015

not working anymore on iOS 9


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Owner Author

commented Jan 1, 2016

@Hope4hope: Doh', I will try asap a jailbreak for 9.2 out.


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commented Oct 25, 2016

"nvram wifiaddr" is not working for 9.1


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commented Mar 1, 2017

Sad :(

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