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Created Mar 17, 2017
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Week Four

Some kind of subheader

This week was a total whirlwind - but I managed to stick it out. I can't decide if it's worse to publish bad/unfinished designs, or to compromise on my one hour rule? I'm going to go with the former for this one, but we'll see what happens in later weeks.

My favorite design this week was from Day 20. I dont love the colors and the design needs refining, but it seems like a cool app if you're outdoors alot. Obviously, Day 19 needs some serious TLC. I may revisit it later just to make soemthing thats actually half functional.

Day 16 - Pop up

I wanted to work a bit more with the Nike redesign, so I made the popup over the original design

Day 17

This is pretty run of the mill. In hind sight, I would of included some contact info at the bottom and maybe some social links

Day 18

This is a graph for mapping discogs information - it doesn't look the nicest. I'm looking into data-visualization now.. Maybe I'll refine it later as a single blog

Day 19

Completely ran out of time on this one - wow these are boring to make.

Day 20

This is a simple app for our door use - it's got walky talky functionality, but also a sort of integrated radar? I scoooped the color palette from a sceen in Moonrise Kingdom - it seemed fitting.

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