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tbutts /
Last active Aug 18, 2022
For tmux configs: Merge deprecated/removed -fg, -bg, and -attr options into the -style option
#!/usr/bin/env python
# vim: set fileencoding=utf-8
# Back up your tmux old config, run the script and redirect stdout to your conf
# file. Example:
# $ cp ~/.tmux.conf ~/.tmux.conf.orig
# $ python ./ ~/.tmux.conf.orig > ~/.tmux.conf
troyfontaine /
Last active Jan 24, 2023
Signing your Git Commits using GPG on MacOS

Methods of Signing with a GPG Key on MacOS

Last updated September 21, 2022

This Gist explains how to do this using gpg in a step-by-step fashion. Previously, was heavily mentioned, but I've only recently learned they were acquired by Akamai and no longer update their previous free products. Those mentions have been removed.

For using a GUI-based GIT tool such as Tower or Github Desktop, follow the steps here for signing your commits with GPG.

There has been a number of comments on this gist regarding some issues around the pinentry-program and M1 Macs. I've finally gotten a chance to try things out on an M1 and I've updated the documentation in to reflect my findings.

dev-zzo /
Last active Dec 29, 2021
ChameleonMini fun

Getting it to work

The device is shipped with test firmware installed. To burn a proper firmware, you will need:

The instructions on the blog page are incorrect because Rev G hardware uses ATxmega128A4U instead of ATxmega32A4U. Why? Probably an outdated version of hardware.

gautric /
Created May 29, 2015
files list file for package 'xxx' is missing final newline
# 8th November, 2009
# update manager failed, giving me the error:
# 'files list file for package 'xxx' is missing final newline' for every package.
# some Googling revealed that this problem was due to corrupt files(s) in /var/lib/dpkg/info/
# looping though those files revealed that some did not have a final new line
# this script will resolve that problem by appending a newline to all files that are missing it
# NOTE: you will need to run this script as root, e.g. sudo python
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Important Note

Please use built-in (of Mac OS X) to type and rune the command, do not use another tool (like iTerm2).

Common step after enter run the patch command:

  • After run the commands, start new Sublime Text app, go to Main Menu > Help > Enter License. On the popup type in any text (example "a") and click Use Licence .