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@radar /irc.txt
Created Jan 31, 2012

What would you like to do?
[13:51:05] <parndt> Radar: WHAT
[13:51:09] <parndt> this is revolutionary
[13:51:53] <Radar> Just found out today. Amazing what a bit of source trawling can do.
[13:52:17] <Radar> The mental asylum guys should be here any minute now... (thanks to the routing code)
[13:54:08] <parndt> ya
[13:54:13] <parndt> Radar: was it quite the journey?
[13:54:33] <Radar> parndt: I didn't stop believing, that's for sure.
[13:58:16] <parndt> Radar: what was your searching like? did it go on and on and on and on?
[13:58:28] <adhlssu07> are you guys really making routing+journey jokes?
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