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Dump of assembler code from 0xdebd23f4 to 0xdebd24f4:
0xdebd23f4: ldr r12, [pc] ; 0xdebd23fc
0xdebd23f8: bx r12
0xdebd23fc: ; <UNDEFINED> instruction: 0xf3b76cb8
0xdebd2400: ldr r12, [pc] ; 0xdebd2408
0xdebd2404: bx r12
0xdebd2408: svc 0x003b5a10
0xdebd240c: ldr r12, [pc] ; 0xdebd2414
0xdebd2410: bx r12
0xdebd2414: ; <UNDEFINED> instruction: 0xf3b76cb8
0xdebd2418: ldr r12, [pc] ; 0xdebd2420
0xdebd241c: bx r12
0xdebd2420: ; <UNDEFINED> instruction: 0xf3d0bfe4
0xdebd2424: ldr r12, [pc] ; 0xdebd242c
0xdebd2428: bx r12
0xdebd242c: vmul.f<illegal width 8> <illegal reg q10.5>, <illegal reg q5.5>, d0[7]
0xdebd2430: push {r8, r11, lr}
0xdebd2434: sub sp, sp, #60 ; 0x3c
0xdebd2438: mov r11, sp
0xdebd243c: str r0, [r11, #16]
0xdebd2440: str r1, [r11, #20]
0xdebd2444: str r2, [r11, #24]
0xdebd2448: str r3, [r11, #28]
0xdebd244c: ldr lr, [sp, #72] ; 0x48
0xdebd2450: str lr, [r11, #32]
0xdebd2454: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd2458: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd245c: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd2460: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd2464: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd2468: ldr lr, [pc] ; 0xdebd2470
0xdebd246c: b 0xdebd2474
0xdebd2470: vrev64.32 d17, d0
=> 0xdebd2474: ldr lr, [lr]
0xdebd2478: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd247c: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd2480: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd2484: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd2488: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd248c: ldr r0, [r11, #16]
0xdebd2490: bl 0xdebeeb5c
0xdebd2494: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd2498: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd249c: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd24a0: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd24a4: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd24a8: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd24ac: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd24b0: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd24b4: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd24b8: nop ; (mov r0, r0)
0xdebd24bc: ldr r0, [r11, #16]
0xdebd24c0: ldr r1, [r11, #20]
0xdebd24c4: ldr r2, [r11, #24]
0xdebd24c8: ldr r3, [r11, #28]
0xdebd24cc: mvn r12, #0
0xdebd24d0: str r3, [r11, #44] ; 0x2c
0xdebd24d4: cmp r3, r12
0xdebd24d8: mov r3, #0
0xdebd24dc: movgt r3, #1
0xdebd24e0: sub r3, r3, #1
0xdebd24e4: str r3, [r11, #48] ; 0x30
0xdebd24e8: ldr r3, [r11, #32]
0xdebd24ec: mvn r12, #0
0xdebd24f0: cmp r3, r12
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(gdb) x $lr
0xf3f81000: 0x00000000
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