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Last active May 15, 2018 06:11
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import threading
import os
path_to_file = "temp-files/"
file_name = "attempt1"
def workFucnt1(path_to_file, file_name):
ouptput_file = path_to_file + file_name + '.txt'
working_file = open(ouptput_file, 'w')
working_file.write("Start Working Function")
for number in range(100000):
working_file.write("\nFor loop {} entry".format(number))
working_file.write('\nEnding working Function')
# un-comment this line below to see the process block touch
# workFucnt1(path_to_file, file_name)
# un-comment the bottom two lines to see the process
# execute without blocking Touch
myThread = threading.Thread(target=workFucnt1, args=(path_to_file, file_name,))
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