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The Specific class handles the requirements that are specific to a
particular job. We separate these functions into two classes as there
are always cases where a particular venue has a particular requirement
that doesn't fit with the schema of a larger system. We might find
that one of these functions can be generalized and pulled into the
General class, but if you're writing something that's specific to a
single job or venue, this is the place for that function.
General = mod("generalEXT").General
class Specific(General):
def __init__(self, my_op):
General.__init__(self, my_op)
print("Specific init")
def Image_order(self, message):
vals = message.get('vals')
if vals:
op('table1')[1, 2] = "'moviefilein2 moviefilein1'"
op('table1')[1, 2] = "'moviefilein1 moviefilein2'"
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