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Shows how to perform authentication and retrieval of data from D365 Finance and Operations using OData and the Service to service calls using client credentials
//more details at:
var baseUrl = ""; //a trailing slash here will cause a "No P3P Policy defined" error
var tenantId = "TENANTID AS A GUID HERE";
string applicationId = "APPLICATION GUID HERE";
string clientSecret = "CLIENT SECRET HERE";
string api = "data/";
var authorityUrl = $"{tenantId}";
AuthenticationContext authContext = new AuthenticationContext(authorityUrl);
Task<AuthenticationResult> taskResult = authContext.AcquireTokenAsync(baseUrl, new ClientCredential(applicationId, clientSecret));
AuthenticationResult result = taskResult.Result;
using (var httpClient = new HttpClient())
httpClient.Timeout = new TimeSpan(0, 2, 0); // 2 minutes
string authorizationHeader = result.CreateAuthorizationHeader();
httpClient.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("Authorization", authorizationHeader);
HttpRequestMessage req = new HttpRequestMessage(HttpMethod.Get, url);
req.Method = HttpMethod.Get;
// Wait for the web service response.
HttpResponseMessage response;
Stopwatch stopwatch = Stopwatch.StartNew();
response = httpClient.SendAsync(req).Result;
if (response.IsSuccessStatusCode)
stopwatch.ElapsedMilliseconds.Dump("Result returned (ms)");
var responseBodyAsText = response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result;
Console.WriteLine(response.StatusCode + Environment.NewLine + response.ReasonPhrase);
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rajrao commented Sep 14, 2020

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