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Last active November 7, 2022 20:38
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The following JSON goes into the user settings.json file for VSCode.

For more information see:

"gitlens.remotes": [{
        "regex": "https:\\/\\/(git-codecommit\\.us-west-2\\.amazonaws\\.com)\\/v1/repos\\/(.+)",
        "type": "Custom",
        "name": "AWS Code Commit",
        "protocol": "https",
        "urls": {
            "repository": "${repo}/browse?region=us-west-2",
            "branches": "${repo}/branches?region=us-west-2",
            "branch": "${repo}/browse/refs/heads/${branch}?region=us-west-2", //
            "commit": "${repo}/commit/${id}?region=us-west-2",
            "file": "${repo}/browse/refs/heads/${branch}/--/${file}?region=us-west-2&lines=${line}",
            "fileInBranch": "${repo}/browse/refs/heads/${branch}/--/${file}?region=us-west-2&lines=${line}",
            "fileInCommit": "${repo}/browse/${id}/--/${file}?region=us-west-2&lines=${line}",
            "fileLine": "${line}-${line}",
            "fileRange": "${start}-${end}"
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Hi there, thank you for this, It is usefull!
You might want to replace "fileLine": "{line}", with "fileLine": "${line}-${line}",
That way, the link work witouth making a selection in vscode

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rajrao commented Jan 7, 2022

@RealGuillaume updated the gist with your suggestions

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DiegoFleitas commented Mar 23, 2022


Btw I needed to set up a repo that used a ssh config file today, these threads were mighty useful. (for my specific case I only need to tweak up the regex to match what the output of git remote -vv )

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