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Script meant to measure fedmsg reliability.
#!/usr/bin/env python
""" Collect data on fedmsg reliability.
The gist is that we start up and go into a loop. Each time we wake up we:
- Ask koji for all the builds that were started in the last hour. This
includes builds that eventually fail or are in progress.
- Ask fedmsg for all the koji events from the past error. Throw out all
the ones except the 'build start' events.
- Compare the number of new koji builds to the number of fedmsg new build
messages. They should be the same.
- Print out something that can be plotted by gnuplot .CSV style.
:Author: Ralph Bean <>
import datetime
import time
import sys
import koji
import requests
url = ""
def get_koji_results(earlier):
# Get koji build in that period
c = koji.ClientSession("")
results = c.listBuilds(createdAfter=earlier)
build_ids = [result['build_id'] for result in results]
return set(build_ids)
def get_fedmsg_results(earlier):
def _make_query(page=0):
""" Get fedmsg messages in that period """
resp = requests.get(
rows_per_page=100, # This is going to fail if we have more
data = resp.json()
return data
# Grab the first page of results
data = _make_query()
messages = data['raw_messages']
# Grab and smash subsequent pages if there are any
for page in range(1, data['pages']):
data = _make_query(page=page)
build_ids = []
for msg in messages:
# Throw away all messages that are not "new build" messages.
if msg['msg']['new'] != 0:
build_id = msg['msg']['build_id']
return set(build_ids)
def debug(timestamp, koji_results, fedmsg_results):
for item in koji_results:
if item not in fedmsg_results:
print "* For", timestamp, "fedmsg did not have", url % item
for item in fedmsg_results:
if item not in koji_results:
print "* For", timestamp, "koji did not have", url % item
if __name__ == '__main__':
sleep_interval = 0.25 * 60 # 0.25 minutes
scan_interval = datetime.timedelta(hours=1)
print "time, koji results, fedmsg results"
while True:
now = time.time()
earlier_dt = - scan_interval
earlier = time.mktime(earlier_dt.timetuple())
koji_results = get_koji_results(earlier)
fedmsg_results = get_fedmsg_results(earlier)
print "%i,%i,%i" % (now, len(koji_results), len(fedmsg_results))
debug(earlier_dt, koji_results, fedmsg_results)
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