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Save and load Keras models to and from AWS S3
import s3fs
import zipfile
import tempfile
import numpy as np
from tensorflow import keras
from pathlib import Path
import logging
def get_s3fs():
return s3fs.S3FileSystem(key=AWS_ACCESS_KEY, secret=AWS_SECRET_KEY)
def zipdir(path, ziph):
# Zipfile hook to zip up model folders
length = len(path) # Doing this to get rid of parent folders
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(path):
folder = root[length:] # We don't need parent folders! Why in the world does zipfile zip the whole tree??
for file in files:
ziph.write(os.path.join(root, file), os.path.join(folder, file))
def s3_save_keras_model(model, model_name):
with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() as tempdir:"{tempdir}/{model_name}")
# Zip it up first
zipf = zipfile.ZipFile(f"{tempdir}/{model_name}.zip", "w", zipfile.ZIP_STORED)
zipdir(f"{tempdir}/{model_name}", zipf)
s3fs = get_s3fs()
s3fs.put(f"{tempdir}/{model_name}.zip", f"{BUCKET_NAME}/{model_name}.zip")"Saved zipped model at path s3://{BUCKET_NAME}/{model_name}.zip")
def s3_get_keras_model(model_name: str) -> keras.Model:
with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() as tempdir:
s3fs = get_s3fs()
# Fetch and save the zip file to the temporary directory
s3fs.get(f"{BUCKET_NAME}/{model_name}.zip", f"{tempdir}/{model_name}.zip")
# Extract the model zip file within the temporary directory
with zipfile.ZipFile(f"{tempdir}/{model_name}.zip") as zip_ref:
# Load the keras model from the temporary directory
return keras.models.load_model(f"{tempdir}/{model_name}")
inputs = keras.Input(shape=(32,))
outputs = keras.layers.Dense(1)(inputs)
model = keras.Model(inputs, outputs)
model.compile(optimizer="adam", loss="mean_squared_error")
# Save the model to S3
s3_save_keras_model(model, "my_model")
# Load the model from S3
loaded_model = s3_get_keras_model("my_model")
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rahuja23 commented Jun 14, 2021

When I am implementing this I am getting the following error :
"SavedModel file does not exist at: /var/folders/cb/ns18k3051f35p2jr32r2t4vr0000gp/T/tmpbv0lstar/yolo_v3/{saved_model.pbtxt|saved_model.pb}"
Any ideas on what can be done?

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cah-ramindudeshapriya commented Jun 15, 2021

@rahuja23, This seems to be a keras error based on yolo, which you seem to be using. I'd say try to print out the files at the temp folder path. You could also maybe get some help from this question:

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joyspark commented Sep 27, 2021

I countered same problem too. Zip file extract doesn't work.
Have you figure it out?

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ramdesh commented Sep 28, 2021

@joyspark What's the error you encountered? Was it the same one as @rahuja23 ?

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joyspark commented Oct 6, 2021

@ramdesh Yes, same one as @rahuja23 but I just give up and find other way. Thank you.

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gabecano4308 commented Apr 1, 2022

@ramdesh this worked for saving/loading my keras SavedModel from S3 when everything I tried before wasn't working. Thanks so much!

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greatertomi commented Aug 27, 2022

This worked perfectly for me. Thanks

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