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Focusing on Excellence in Cloud and Python

Mayur S. Patil (मयूर पाटील) ramlaxman

Focusing on Excellence in Cloud and Python
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ramlaxman / Openstack installation on CentOS
Created Dec 6, 2019
Openstack installation on CentOS 7
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Host: Windows 10 Hypervisor: Oracle VBox Guest: CentOS 7

  • RAM: 5 GB
  • HDD: 40 GB
  • Network Mode in VBox: Adapter 1: NAT Adapter 2: Host Only Network -> Virtualbox network.

Interesting Discussion as well as Guidance

Preparation of ICPC

Some pointers from my side:


Concentrate on your Regional: It helps having a fixed goal to focus on. This means acquainting yourself with past years' problems etc. And hopefully, there's a steady or gradual trend in problem style, and its not the case that one year you have amazing problems, the next you have weak test data etc.

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# show hosts
# show domains
# add hosts
# use hosts-hosts/resolve
# show hosts
# run 1
# show hosts
# use freegeoip
ramlaxman / The Technical Interview Cheat
Last active Apr 3, 2019 — forked from tsiege/The Technical Interview Cheat
This is my technical interview cheat sheet. Feel free to fork it or do whatever you want with it. PLEASE let me know if there are any errors or if anything crucial is missing. I will add more links soon.
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Studying for a Tech Interview Sucks, so Here's a Cheat Sheet to Help

This list is meant to be a both a quick guide and reference for further research into these topics. It's basically a summary of that comp sci course you never took or forgot about, so there's no way it can cover everything in depth. It also will be available as a gist on Github for everyone to edit and add to.

Data Structure Basics



  • Stores data elements based on an sequential, most commonly 0 based, index.
ramlaxman / Ansible
Last active Dec 23, 2020
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It's an automation language, engine and orchestration tool developed by Red hat written in Python using YAML format for writing instructional scripts, affectionately known as "Ansible playbook".

It has an automation engine that runs Ansible playbooks. Cloud provider is present in the ecosystem (AWS, Azure, Google, DigitalOcean, OVH, etc…).


  • It is an agent-less tools In most scenarios, it use ssh as a transport layer. In some way you can use it as 'bash on steroids'
  • It is very easy to start. If you are familiar with ssh concept - you already know Ansible (ALMOST).
ramlaxman /
Last active Nov 22, 2018


  • Lists, strings, and tuples are ordered collections that are very similar in general structure but have specific differences that must be understood for them to be used properly.

  • Sets and dictionaries are unordered collections.

  • To make sets and dict ordered, we need to use: Frozensets and Ordered Dictionary.

  • The possible state values for a boolean object are True and False with standard boolean operators,and, or, and not.

# to open multiple files in vi
vi {f1,f2,f3}
# when opening first file
# press INS button
# save file with `:wn`
# when you are done with last file `:wa`
# now to save and quit `:wq`
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General Questions:
What function does DNS play on a network?
DNS, or Domain Name System, associates domain names to entities in the system. The widest used example is translating domain names to IP addresses, in order to locate devices. For example, when asked what is, DNS will respond with, the IP of that domain.
Further Reading:
What is HTTP?
HTTP, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol, is "an application protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems (Wikipedia)", and is the foundation of the World Wide Web (distinct from the Internet as a whole). In the context of System Administration, HTTP is related to the applications or services that handle that protocol, most notably web servers like Apache or Nginx (among others).
ramlaxman / git
Last active May 9, 2018 — forked from jaseemabid/git
Awesome git tutorials I am finding here and there
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A bunch of good git tutorials

Intro to git