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Last active Dec 20, 2015
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Nate Silver Q & A at JSM 2013

How can ASA convince decision makers about using data?

  • Do due diligence (esp. if it is a journalist)
  • Make sure that the views characterized are yours are indeed yours.

What advice do you have for students of ASA while preparing for their careers?

  • Strive for hands-on experience before going back to getting and advance degree.
  • Easier to learn theory when you are motivated by a problem/application to solve.

Who are some of your favorite journalists/writers?

  • Bill James
    • years ahead of his time
    • great communicator
  • David **

Why do some journalists resent your work?

  • Competition for jobs.
  • Competition of cover story of news paper

What are some things statisticians can do to communicate better?

  • Start writing blogs to communicate to a broader audience!!
  • Add graphics and visualizations to better communicate your ideas.
  • Helps detect flaws due to being an insider.

What were some of the most important learning experiences?

  • being a debater helped. talk fast. the research.

Data Science vs. Statistics

Are columnists updating priors or are they just biased?

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