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Concrete Boolean example
extern crate concrete_boolean;
use concrete_boolean::gen_keys;
// We generate a set of client/server keys, using the default parameters:
let (client_key, server_key) = gen_keys();
// We use the client secret key to encrypt two messages:
let ct_1 = client_key.encrypt(true);
let ct_2 = client_key.encrypt(false);
// We use the server public key to execute a boolean circuit:
// if ((NOT ct_2) NAND (ct_1 AND ct_2)) then (NOT ct_2) else (ct_1 AND ct_2)
let ct_3 = server_key.not(&ct_2);
let ct_4 = server_key.and(&ct_1, &ct_2);
let ct_5 = server_key.nand(&ct_3, &ct_4);
let ct_6 = server_key.mux(&ct_5, &ct_3, &ct_4);
// We use the client key to decrypt the output of the circuit:
let output = client_key.decrypt(&ct_6);
assert_eq!(output, true);
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