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Workarounds and reminders for Ruby development on Windows (Vista at least)

Bloody hell is Ruby on Rails development on Windows an exercise in chasing through search engines.

database configuration does not specify adapter

"database configuration does not specify adapter" error with PG gem in Rails 3.2

kgio stops Bundler in its tracks

You may see this when you cannot bundle install all the way:

An error occurred while installing kgio (2.8.0), and Bundler cannot continue. Make sure that gem install kgio -v '2.8.0' succeeds before bundling

This may be because your Gemfile is trying to use Unicorn:

gem 'unicorn', group: :production

Drop that sack of horse horns and just do with the WEBrick server instead. Thin may also give you problems.

gem 'thin'

Disable that as well if you get the same kind of trouble as running on Unicorn.

Sass is not where it thinks you should be

Loading up a page nets you nothing because you get an error like this:

different prefix: "c:/" and "s:/dev/fry/app/assets/stylesheets" (in s:/dev/fry/app/assets/stylesheets/application.css.scss)

Make sure project is on the same drive as where you've installed Ruby

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