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Created Jun 12, 2016
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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Find halos for a given enzo directory.
# RD0006
import yt
from yt.analysis_modules.halo_analysis.api import HaloCatalog
from yt.analysis_modules.halo_analysis.halo_filters import add_filter
directory = 'RD0009'
ds = yt.load(directory+'/'+directory)
hc = HaloCatalog(data_ds=ds, finder_method='hop')
# Define custom filters.
def filter_position(halo):
Checks to see if the particle position is within the defined boundaries.
lower_bound = 0.375
upper_bound = 0.625
x = halo.quantities['particle_position_x']
y = halo.quantities['particle_position_y']
z = halo.quantities['particle_position_z']
return (lower_bound < x < upper_bound) and (lower_bound < y < upper_bound) and (lower_bound < z < upper_bound)
def filter_particles(halo):
Checks to see if there are more than a certain number of particles within a sphere.
minimum_particles = 50000
x = halo.quantities['particle_position_x']
y = halo.quantities['particle_position_y']
z = halo.quantities['particle_position_z']
sphere = halo.halo_catalog.data_ds.sphere([x, y, z], (30, 'kpc'))
n_particles = len(sphere['x'])
return n_particles > minimum_particles
# Add to the filter registry.
add_filter('position', filter_position)
add_filter('particles', filter_particles)
# Run the analysis.
hc.add_filter('quantity_value', 'particle_mass', '<', 1e13, 'Msun')
# Calculate profiles.
hc.add_callback('sphere', factor=2.0)
hc.add_callback('profile', ['radius'], [('gas', 'overdensity')], weight_field='cell_volume', accumulation=True, storage='virial_quantities_profiles')
hc.add_callback('virial_quantities', ['radius'], profile_storage = 'virial_quantities_profiles')
hc.add_callback('sphere', radius_field='radius_200', factor=5, field_parameters=dict(virial_radius=('quantity', 'radius_200')))
hc.add_callback('profile', 'virial_radius_fraction', [('gas','density')], storage='virial_profiles', weight_field='cell_volume', accumulation=False, output_dir='profiles')
hc.add_callback('save_profiles', storage='virial_profiles', output_dir='profiles')
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