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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Create halo profiles for gas, stars, and dm density for a given enzo directory.
# RD0006
import argparse
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument("directory", type=str, help="List one or more directories to analyze.")
args = parser.parse_args()
directory =
import numpy as np
import yt
from yt.analysis_modules.halo_analysis.api import HaloCatalog
fields = {
'gas': ('gas', 'density'),
'stars': ('deposit', 'stars_density'),
'dark_matter': ('deposit', 'dark_matter_density')
units = {field: 'g/cm**3' for field in fields.values()}
def stars(pfilter, data):
filter = data[(pfilter.filtered_type, 'particle_type')] == 2
return filter
def dark_matter(pfilter, data):
filter = data[(pfilter.filtered_type, 'particle_type')] == 1
return filter
yt.add_particle_filter('stars', function=stars, filtered_type='all', requires=['particle_type'])
yt.add_particle_filter('dark_matter', function=dark_matter, filtered_type='all', requires=['particle_type'])
ds = yt.load(directory+'/'+directory)
halos_ds = yt.load('halo_catalogs/catalog/catalog.0.h5')
hc = HaloCatalog(data_ds=ds, halos_ds=halos_ds)
halos = hc.halo_list
for index, halo in enumerate(halos):
com = [halo.quantities['particle_position_x'], halo.quantities['particle_position_y'], halo.quantities['particle_position_z']]
sp = ds.sphere(com, (30, 'kpc'))
profiles = []
labels = []
for fieldname, field in fields.iteritems():
profiles.append(yt.create_profile(sp, 'radius', field))
plot = yt.ProfilePlot.from_profiles(profiles, labels=labels)
plot.set_unit('radius', 'kpc')'%s_%d_profile.png' % (ds, index))
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