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Raspberry Pi Facebook Fan Bot Python script
import urllib2
from urllib import quote
import json
# Variables - configure the bits below to get your script working.
style = '#3b5998' # Colour for the message - default is Facebook blue
fb_page = '' # Facebook Page name
# Slack incoming webhook URL
webhook = ''
# The functions that creates the magic - checks your Facebook Company Page for the number of fans then sends this data to Slack to notify you.
def fanCount():
fb_id, app_id, secret = '', '', '' # Add your Page ID, App ID and Secret between each quotation mark
fb_url = '{}?access_token={}|{}&fields=fan_count'.format(quote(fb_id), quote(app_id), quote(secret))
fanCount = urllib2.urlopen(fb_url).read()
jsonResponse = json.loads(fanCount)
return jsonResponse['fan_count']
def postToSlack():
fb_fans = str(fanCount())
data = '{"attachments":[{"fallback":"'+fb_page+' has '+fb_fans+' followers.","pretext":"'+fb_page+' has '+fb_fans+' followers.","color":"'+style+'","fields":[{"title":"Facebook Fans","value":"'+fb_page+' has '+fb_fans+' followers.","short":false}]}]}'
slack = urllib2.Request(webhook, data, {'Content-Type': 'application/json'})
f = urllib2.urlopen(slack)
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