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List kernel module descriptions in BSD
# 2> /dev/null skips manual pages which doesn't exist
# find /boot/kernel -type f -iname "*acpi*.ko" -exec sh -c 'whatis `basename "{}" ".ko"` 2> /dev/null' \;
acpi_toshiba(4) - Toshiba HCI interface
acpi_panasonic(4) - ACPI hotkey driver for Panasonic laptops
acpi_fujitsu(4) - Fujitsu Laptop Extras
acpi_wmi(4) - ACPI to WMI mapping driver
acpi_hp(4) - ACPI extras driver for HP laptops
acpi_dock(4) - Laptop Docking Station device driver
acpi_sony(4) - ACPI notebook controller driver for Sony laptops
acpi_ibm(4) - ACPI extras driver for IBM laptops
acpi_asus_wmi(4) - Asus Laptop WMI Extras
acpi_video(4) - ACPI Video Extensions driver
acpi_asus(4) - Asus Laptop Extras
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