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Rati Wannapanop ratiw

  • Nonthaburi, Thailand
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View jquery-plugin-boilerplate.js
* jQuery lightweight plugin boilerplate
* Original author: @ajpiano
* Further changes, comments: @addyosmani
* Licensed under the MIT license
// the semi-colon before the function invocation is a safety
// net against concatenated scripts and/or other plugins
// that are not closed properly.
ratiw /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
How to save your Facebook Lookback video

##How to save your Facebook Lookback video #####ratiw (Jan. 1, 2015)

  • You need to use Google Chrome Browser
  • Open a new tab in Chrome and type the following in the address bar


  • Open another tab and go to your

  • Select HD quality by clicking at the HD icon on the lower-right of the video and let the video play for a few seconds, then switch back to previous tab (the chrome://cache)

ratiw / Using phpMyAdmin with Homestead
Created Dec 30, 2014
#Laravel #Homestead #phpmyadmin
View Using phpMyAdmin with Homestead

Using phpMyAdmin with Homestead box

Once the Homestead vagrant box is installed successfully, we can add phpMyAdmin and config it to run with Nginx.

Install phpMyAdmin

  • SSH into Homestead vagrant box with vagrant ssh and type the following command:
    sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin
ratiw /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Fresh Install of L5-dev
  1. Create new project
composer create-project laravel/laravel l5-view dev-develop

l5-view is the project folder name.

  1. Add new project site to nginx
serve /home/vagrant/Code/l5-view/public
ratiw /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Updating and Separating the Homestead folder and Project folder

My homestead VM used to be in D:\www\Homestead and all projects lived inside its folder. I want to update homestead to the updated version and separate my projects to a new folder (e.g. D:\www\projects), so that I do not acidentally delete them when I need to delete Homestead folder.

  1. Update Homestead box. From command prompt, run

    vagrant box update
  2. Create a new folder for Projects. (D:\www\projects)

ratiw / Bahttext.php
Last active Jul 19, 2021
convert number to thai baht text
View Bahttext.php
* Convert number amount to Thai text as in Excel
* author: Rati Wannapanop
* email:
* since: 2014-09-06
ratiw / RunningNumberGenerator.php
Last active Oct 21, 2016
Make new running number (e.g. doc no., invoice no.) based on the given pattern and the last number.
View RunningNumberGenerator.php
namespace App;
class InvalidPatternException extends \Exception {}
* Pattern is enclosed in the open and close delimiter
* The default open delimter is {
* The default close delimiter is }
ratiw / str_replace.js
Last active Aug 29, 2015
javascript str_replace
View str_replace.js
function str_replace(search, replace, subject) {
var result = subject;
for (var i = 0; i < search.length; i++) {
result = result.replace(search[i], replace[i]);
return result;
ratiw / object_get.js
Last active May 15, 2019
Retrieve object property using dot notation. Equivalent to Laravel's object_get()
View object_get.js
function object_get(obj, key) {
if (!key || $.trim(key) == '') return obj;
$.each(key.split('.'), function(idx, seg) {
if (typeof obj !== 'object' || obj[seg] === undefined) {
obj = undefined;
return obj;
obj = obj[seg];
return obj;