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Backup Jenkins home periodicallly with git.
# Setup
# - Create a new Jenkins Job
# - Mark "None" for Source Control Management
# - Select the "Build Periodically" build trigger
# - configure to run as frequently as you like
# - Add a new "Execute Shell" build step
# - Paste the contents of this file as the command
# - Save
# NOTE: before this job will work, you'll need to manually navigate to the $JENKINS_HOME directory
# and do the initial set up of the git repository.
# Make sure the appropriate remote is added and the default remote/branch set up.
# Jenkins Configuraitons Directory
# Add general configurations, job configurations, and user content
git add -- *.xml jobs/*/*.xml userContent/*
# only add user configurations if they exist
if [ -d users ]; then
user_configs=`ls users/*/config.xml`
if [ -n "$user_configs" ]; then
git add $user_configs
# mark as deleted anything that's been, well, deleted
to_remove=`git status | grep "deleted" | awk '{print $3}'`
if [ -n "$to_remove" ]; then
git rm --ignore-unmatch $to_remove
git commit -m "Automated Jenkins commit"
git push -q -u origin master
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