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Compute Probability of Ace of Diamonds in a Poker Hand
func testPokerAceOfDiamonds()
let handsWithAceOfDiamonds = Binomial(n: 51, choose: 4)
let allPossibleHands = Binomial(n: 52, choose: 5)
let probabilityOfAceOfDiamonds = handsWithAceOfDiamonds / allPossibleHands
XCTAssertEqual(probabilityOfAceOfDiamonds, Rational(5,52))
let probabilityOfNoAceOfDiamonds = Rational(1) - probabilityOfAceOfDiamonds
XCTAssertEqual(probabilityOfNoAceOfDiamonds, Rational(47,52))
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rayfix commented Jun 22, 2014

This example uses my simple RAFIntMath framework.


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