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View InitRestKit.m
- (void)mapObjects:(RKObjectManager*)objectManager
RKObjectMapping* widgetMapping = [RKObjectMapping mappingForClass:[widget class]];
[widgetMapping mapKeyPath:@"id" toAttribute:@"widgetID"];
[widgetMapping mapAttributes:@"name", @"description", nil];
[widgetMapping mapKeyPath:@"public" toAttribute:@"isPublic"];
[widgetMapping mapKeyPath:@"created_at" toAttribute:@"createdAt"];
[widgetMapping mapKeyPath:@"updated_at" toAttribute:@"updatedAt"];
[objectManager.mappingProvider setMapping:widgetMapping forKeyPath:@"widget"];
rayfix / gist:1135157
Created Aug 9, 2011
mapping problem ... crud operations
View gist:1135157
RKObjectMapping* channelMapping = [RKObjectMapping mappingForClass:[Channel class]];
// Core data
//channelMapping.primaryKeyAttribute = "channelID";
// For now using NSObject derived thing
[channelMapping mapKeyPathsToAttributes:
@"id", @"channelID",
@"created_at", @"createdAt",
@"updated_at", @"updatedAt",
rayfix / gist:1150539
Created Aug 17, 2011
What is the best format for RestKit?
View gist:1150539
RestKit allows a great deal of customization and can probably be made to handle most formats.
Since I have full control over the server (now), I want to put the onus on the server as much
as possible and reduce unnecessary bandwidth. However, I want to keep the RestKit side code
as easy, and concise as possible.
So suppose I have a set of widget classes with ids and names with standard CRUD operations.
I have an index action which could potentially return a large number of widgets and so need
to be paginated. Here is one way I thought of.
Create Action
rayfix / merge_sort.cpp
Last active Dec 19, 2015
Simple merge sort implementation in C++. A little more polish. Thanks to feedback from @matt_dz
View merge_sort.cpp
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
#include <functional>
namespace rf {
template <typename T, typename Compare = std::less<T>>
std::vector<T> merge_sort(const std::vector<T>& input,
const Compare& compare = Compare())
rayfix / merge_sort.rb
Last active Dec 19, 2015
Naive merge sort in ruby.
View merge_sort.rb
class Array
def merge_sort
c = self.count
return self if c <= 1
mid = c/2
left = self[0,mid].merge_sort
right = self[mid, mid+1].merge_sort
output = []
l = 0;
rayfix / RFViewController.m
Created Aug 17, 2013
Our animations were not working with our dispatch queue. I boiled it down to a simple test case. However, the test case works perfectly as expected so there is another problem that is happening. This code makes a view oscillate back and forth.
View RFViewController.m
- (void)viewDidAppear:(BOOL)animated
[super viewDidAppear:animated];
[self move];
- (void)move
static BOOL flipFlop;
rayfix / GroupTests.m
Created Mar 16, 2014
Groups from NSArray
View GroupTests.m
// GroupTests.m
// Created by Ray Fix on 3/15/14.
#import <XCTest/XCTest.h>
#import "NSArray+Groups.h"
@interface GroupTests : XCTestCase
rayfix / gist:02ca4d9537af011dd12f
Created Jun 22, 2014
Compute Probability of Ace of Diamonds in a Poker Hand
View gist:02ca4d9537af011dd12f
func testPokerAceOfDiamonds()
let handsWithAceOfDiamonds = Binomial(n: 51, choose: 4)
let allPossibleHands = Binomial(n: 52, choose: 5)
let probabilityOfAceOfDiamonds = handsWithAceOfDiamonds / allPossibleHands
XCTAssertEqual(probabilityOfAceOfDiamonds, Rational(5,52))
let probabilityOfNoAceOfDiamonds = Rational(1) - probabilityOfAceOfDiamonds
View gist:1fb467981e386ad5797e
// Ring.swift
// Copyright (c) 2014 Pelfunc, Inc. All rights reserved.
/// Allow iteration of Ring<T> in LIFO order
public struct RingGenerator<T> : GeneratorType {
rayfix / didSet_on_array.swift
Created Apr 7, 2015
didSet on array crashes my playground
View didSet_on_array.swift
// Playground - noun: a place where people can play
import UIKit
var str = "Hello, playground"
struct Thing {
var arr: [Int] = [] {
didSet {