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NG Vikings 2019 - Notes day 1

Top things

  • Angular Schematics

John Papa

  • Angular Launch Angular

  • vikings2019-ext

Kristiyan Kostado

  • Angular CDK - building Angular Component library

    • Drag & drop

    • Virtual scroll

Minko Gechev -

Shuela Jacobs Chris Noring


========== TRACKS

Sebawita - Nativescript

## Alex Okrushko - NGRX

  • Don't let users wait

Aaron Frost - Lazy Loading Angular

Lazyloading non-angular

  • Add to tsconfig.json inside compilerOptions: "module": "esNext"

  • Dynamic import 'library

  • 'import('module').then(onfulfilled: module => console.log('loaded: ', module))

Lazyloading angular

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