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Sparkling tom-toms: two live loops in Sonic Pi producing binary based tom-tom rhythms with "sparkling" notes on top utilising Xav Riley's note_range function. Code inculded so it works on current SP 2.5
#sparkling tom-toms by Robin Newman June 2015
#A couple of live loops one producing rhythms based on tom-toms using Xav Riley's binary pattern idea
#see Binary Rhythms
#the other producing a sparkling range of notes utilising Xav's note_range function (in 2.6dev)
#note_range function included explicitly in code here so it works on sp 2.5 Remove def note_range if run on 2.6
#remove next function if running on sp 2.6dev or later
def note_range(low_note, high_note, options={})
low_note = Note.resolve_midi_note(low_note)
high_note = Note.resolve_midi_note(high_note)
potential_note_range =, high_note)
if options[:pitches]
pitch_classes = options[:pitches].map {|x| Note.resolve_note_name(x) }
note_pool = {|n|
pitch_classes.include? Note.resolve_note_name(n)
note_pool = potential_note_range
(ring *note_pool)
live_loop :rhythm do
rng=[[8,12],[12,16],[8,16],[1,16]] #range selections for num
n=rrand_i(0,2) #choose a range
16.times do #use selected range 16 times
num =range(rng[n][0],rng[n][1]).choose #choose num from selected range
pattern = sprintf("%b", num).rjust(4, '0') #convert to pattern of 4 1-0 numbers
rate = (ring 0.8,3.2,6.4,1.2,1.6).choose #choose rate to play samples
puts num #print number and pattern on screen
puts pattern
sample :bd_haus,amp: 2 #play main beat
pattern.each do |b| #play a selected tom-tom when pattern has a "1"
sample ring(:drum_tom_lo_hard,:drum_tom_hi_hard,:drum_tom_mid_hard).choose, rate: rate if b == 1
sleep 0.125
with_fx :reverb do
live_loop :notes do
sync :rhythm #sync to rhythm
base=scale(:c,:major).choose #choose root note
8.times do #use selected root note 8 times
num=rrand_i(1,7) #choose chord degree number (1-7)
8.times do #play 8 notes from selected chord degree within note range (2 octaves)
play (note_range base,base+24, pitches: chord_degree(num,base,:major)).choose,release: 0.125,pan: [-0.5,0,0.5].choose
sleep 0.125
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