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What would you like to do?
CC Digital Innovation Developer Roles, The Real Deal

CC Digital Innovation Roles, The Real Deal

This is what you will be doing void of corporate-speak, like excellent written and verbal communication skills. The DNA of this team is such that just writing communication skills as a basic job requirement agitates us, and it should agitate you.

The Digital Innovation Team is always searching for individuals possessing the right DNA, individuals driven by autonomy, mastery, and purpose. We practice Kung fu. Kung fu refers to any study, learning, or practice requiring patience, energy, and time to complete. We believe that excellence is achieved through discipline and the skill achieved through hard work and practice of one's skills.

As a team of practitioners, we subscribe to universal beliefs, philosophies, and principles, we share forms, but our actions are unique to the practitioner. As a member of the Digital Innovation Team, you'll have two distinct ways in which to contribute as a developer:

Path 1: DevOps Engineer focused on problem-solving and automation.

  • This individual's coding experience is relevant in terms of their understanding of constructs, like conditionals, loops, arrays, etc. I/we are most interested in your logic and structured design skills, your passion for problem-solving, your desire to become a polyglot, and your complete disdain for brute force solutions.
  • What are some representative tasks that you will be asked to perform:
    • We have plenty of poorly written MVP code that requires refactoring. Refactoring is a great way to get started, taking something that works, refactoring it to adhere to style guides, and making incremental improvements along the way.
      • Anything new that we are coding is adhering to a style that we want to refactor all legacy code to adhere to.
      • There are dozens and dozens of backend processes that require refactoring. Representative objectives include removing secrets, properly documenting, improving reuse (e.g. - creating libraries, microservices, APIs), etc.
    • New problems/puzzles that need to be solved, automated, etc.
    • We would also ask you to work with declarative template-based frameworks like Dockerfiles, Kubernetes manifests , Ansible, Terraform, etc. Fear not! If you can code FizzBuzz you can write declarative configurations in YAML.

Path 2: Developer focused on ServiceNow and RPA development.

  • This path is a little different in that in Path 1, while we have a lot of Python, PowerShell, YAML code, you are the practitioner, and you will have the freedom to solve problems however you like. If the problem is to get from Point A to Point B and the developer solves the problem with Node.JS, I/we will applaud the outcome, but I/we expect adherence to universal beliefs and shared forms. Your service should be consumable by others, and you need to ensure there is a documented and programmatic (API) way to do this. This approach allows the practitioner (developer) to move fast, coding in the language they love while creating the guardrails that ensure that the deliverable has the potential to deliver a yield beyond its original intent.
  • On this Path, there are some constraints. The workflow and user engagement engine is ServiceNow, so we are constrained by the platform to JavaScript (ServiceNow variant, which is similar to TypeScript) for backend dev and React for front-end dev.
  • The person choosing this path will enjoy RPA, coding in JavaScript, and they would be excited by the idea of learning ServiceNow.

There is a ton of opportunity for thought leadership, I/we love great ideas, and I love execution even more. Everyone will have the freedom to build, look at solutions critically, call out a lack of elegance and efficiency, and find a better way. As a team, we are pushing hard to Automate All The Things.

Lastly, I/we have a big push to Open Source everything. A big driver for our refactoring efforts is ensuring that our code is ready to be Open Sourced, including but not limited to ensuring there are no exposed secrets, completeness of documentation, the application of our chosen OSS license, etc. It is incredibly important to me that developers get attribution now and forever. In 2022, I believe that contribution and attribution are critical cultural values that motivate achievement among individuals driven by autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

I/we are a team of self-directed, action-oriented doers incapable of harnessing our insatiable curiosity. I/we are quickly bored by historical narratives focused on what you have done and excited by your passion for what you plan to do and your ability to articulate and demonstrate the foundation upon which you will build.

If you possess the right DNA and are interested in Path 1 and/or Path 2, there is no need to decide on Path 1 or Path 2 on day one. Our plan is always to expose and immerse you in Path 1, Path 2, and the broader business to foster your growth, and you will naturally gravitate to what you love. Our love for what we do and our engagement is how we create value.

"Your profession is not what brings home your weekly paycheck, your profession is what you're put here on earth to do, with such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling." - Vincent Van Gogh

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