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CC Digital Innovation Roles, The Real Deal

CC Digital Innovation Roles, The Real Deal

The Digital Innovation team has four (4) open requisitions, and we are looking for four (4) individuals possessing similar DNA. While the DNA of the four (4) individuals is similar, there are two distinct paths that I will talk to candidates about.

Path 1: DevOps Engineer focused on problem solving and automation.

  • This individual's coding experience is relevant in terms of their understanding of constructs, like conditionals, loops, arrays, etc. I am most interested in their logic and structured design skills, their passion for problem-solving, their desire to become a polyglot, and a complete disdain for brute force solutions.
  • What are some representative tasks that this individual would be performing:
    • We have a plenty of poortly written PowerShell and Python code that requires refactoring. I have already begin refactoring some of the code
      • Anything new that I/we are coding is adhering to a style that we want to refactor all legacy code to adhere to.
      • There are dozens and dozens of backend processes like these that need to be refactored. This includes things like removing secrets, properly documenting, improving reuse (e.g. - the creation of libraries, microservices, APIs), etc.
    • New problems / puzzles that need to be solved, automated, etc.
    • We would also ask that this individual work with declarative template based IaC frameworks like Ansible and Terraform, but if you can code FizzBuzz you can learn Ansible and Terraform.

Path 2: Developer focused on ServiceNow and RPA development.

  • This path is a a little different in that in Path 1 while we have a lot of PowerShell and Python code, I could careless how new problems are solved. If the problem is to get from Point A to Point B and the developer solves the problem with Node.JS, I am perfectly fine with this. If the service needs to be called from other services, there just needs to be a documented programmatic (API) way to do this. This allows developers to move fast, coding in the language they love, but also allows collaboration across services.
  • In this Path there are some constraints, the workflow and user engagement engine is ServiceNow so we are constrained by the platform to JavaScript (ServiceNow variant which is similar to TypeScript) for back-end dev and React for front-end dev.
  • I think this person would enjoy RPA and want to code in JavaScript, and they would be excited by the idea of learning ServiceNow.

There is a ton of opportunity for thought leadership, I love great ideas, and I love execution even more. Everyone will have freedom to build, to look at something, call it stupid and inefficient and find a better way. I the next six months I am going to make a big push towards AIOps, we will look as some of our problems and see how we can apply Seldon Core, Loglizer, etc., reduce human touch, making our automation less IFTTT and more autonomous and efficient.

Lastly, I have a big push to Open Source everything, part of refactoring is to cleanup the code, remove secrets, properly document, apply OSS license and make the git repos public. I mention this because it's important to me that developers get attribution now and forever.

I interviewed this guy yesterday (, and I will make him an offer, and he is clearly on the Path 1 trajectory.

If someone possess the right DNA and is interested in Path 1 and Path 2, there is no need to make a decision on Path 1 or Path 2 on day one. The plan is to immerse all four of these new hires in Path 1 and Path 2 and see how they naturally gravitate.

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