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RDO Community Metrics

RDO Communtiy Metrics

The raw statistics for this summary, including graphs, may always be found at


Downloads are always a tricky thing to track, but they are a reasonable proxy for the total size of the community, given certain caveats, and understanding that 1 download != 1 installation.

  • Week of August 24, average 4009 downloads per day

  • Week of August 17, average 3410 downloads per day

  • Week of August 24, 2014, 2678

  • Week of August 24, 2013, 701

Unique IP address count is another useful metric:

  • Week of August 27, 3367

  • Week of August 17, 3221

  • Week of August 24, 2014, 2203

  • Week of August 24, 2013, 1064

Social Media

Social Media follower counts give an indication of the number of people who are closely following what's going on in the community, but may not be directly personally involved.

  • Twitter: 1335
  • G+: 566
  • Facebook: 218


  • Twitter: 709
  • G+: 268
  • Facebook: 15


  • Twitter: 76
  • G+: 10
  • Facebook: 0

Meanwhile, OSAS has recently added a new social media person, and we should start seeing more engagement-related statistics come out of him in the coming months, rather than just raw follower numbers. This will include things like mentions and retweets, and total reach of our image.

Mailing Lists

Mailing list statistics are perhaps the best way to measure actual community participation. Our main mailing list - rdo-list - is tracked real-time at

Some highlights:

Subscribers: 721 - grows roughly .4% per week

Last week, 15 participants posted to 57 threads. 51 participants posted to the list in July. The number of senders per week continues to grow, but not in any particularly linear fashion.


Contributors to the RDO effort, in terms of code commits, grow month over month. This is tracked at

In July, 27 authors comitted to the RDO github repos.

Of particular interest is tracking how many of these are from outside of Red Hat. (TODO)

Event attendance

At major events - OpenStack Summit, Red Hat Summit, OSCon, LinuxCon - we have RDO meetups. Attendance at these events is a good proxy for community growth.

  • OpenStack Summit Paris: 30

  • OpenStack Summit Vancouver: 60

  • OpenStack Summit Tokyo:

  • Red Hat Summit 2015: 15

  • FOSDEM 2015: 30

  • FOSDEM 2016:

More generally, we have talked about tracking attendance at Meetups. This has proved very difficult. Each week we post upcoming meetups to the rdo-list mailing list, as well as to to encourage attendance. However, finding out who went to what, and what happened there, hasn't yet produced any fruit, other than an occasional blog post here or there. I recommend focusing more on some of the other more trackable metrics, while continuing to drive people to these events.

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