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rdehler / Sample Save And Open PDF button
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Save and Open PDF template with Apex
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global class WebserviceExample {
webservice static String getStuff(String stuffToGet) {
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<service name="WebserviceExampleService">
<port binding="tns:WebserviceExampleBinding" name="WebserviceExample">
<soap:address location=""/>
rdehler / CommunitiesLogin.vfp
Created May 6, 2020
Proof of concept to use a partial username or even another
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<apex:page id="loginPage" controller="CommunitiesLoginController" title="{!$}" showHeader="false">
<apex:inputText value="{!username}" />
<apex:inputSecret value="{!password}" />
<apex:commandButton action="{!customLogin}"/>
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