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This is a small class that i wrote that extends the functionality of the JsonSerializer from django. Why i wrote this?? Two majors points: 1. I need to serialize @Property parameters for my grid builded using jQuery 2. To get the label of choices values and to serialize that values not the flags as the default django serialize do; - Exemplo [( "…
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
#!/usr/bin/env python
import warnings
from django.core.serializers.json import Serializer
from django.utils.encoding import smart_text, is_protected_type
from django.utils import six
from django.utils.html import escape
class JsonPropertySerializer(Serializer):
def serialize(self, queryset, **options):
Serialize a queryset.
self.options = options = options.pop("stream", six.StringIO())
self.selected_fields = options.pop("fields", None)
self.use_natural_keys = options.pop("use_natural_keys", False)
if self.use_natural_keys:
warnings.warn("``use_natural_keys`` is deprecated; use ``use_natural_foreign_keys`` instead.", PendingDeprecationWarning)
self.use_natural_foreign_keys = options.pop('use_natural_foreign_keys', False) or self.use_natural_keys
self.use_natural_primary_keys = options.pop('use_natural_primary_keys', False)
self.first = True
for obj in queryset:
# Use the concrete parent class' _meta instead of the object's _meta
# This is to avoid local_fields problems for proxy models. Refs #17717.
concrete_model = obj._meta.concrete_model
for field in concrete_model._meta.local_fields:
if field.serialize:
if field.rel is None:
if self.selected_fields is None or field.attname in self.selected_fields:
self.handle_field(obj, field)
if self.selected_fields is None or field.attname[:-3] in self.selected_fields:
self.handle_fk_field(obj, field)
for field in concrete_model._meta.many_to_many:
if field.serialize:
if self.selected_fields is None or field.attname in self.selected_fields:
self.handle_m2m_field(obj, field)
# Add to make possible to serialize via json property from a object!
for name, field in obj.__class__.__dict__.iteritems():
if isinstance(field, property):
self.handle_property_field(obj, name)
if self.first:
self.first = False
return self.getvalue()
def get_dump_object(self, obj):
current = {key: item if isinstance(item, dict) else escape(item) for key, item in self._current.items()}
return dict({"pk": smart_text(obj._get_pk_val(), strings_only=True), "model": smart_text(obj._meta)}.items() + current.items())
def handle_field(self, obj, field):
value = field._get_val_from_obj(obj)
# Protected types (i.e., primitives like None, numbers, dates,
# and Decimals) are passed through as is. All other values are
# converted to string first.
if is_protected_type(value):
self._current[] = value
# Changed to make it possible to get the value from a choice field, the LABEL value!!
value = field.value_to_string(obj)
if len(field.choices) > 0:
# Get the first value founded!
value = filter(None, map(lambda x: x[1] if str(x[0]) == value else None, field.choices))
if value:
value = value[0]
self._current[] = value
def handle_property_field(self, obj, name):
self._current[name] = getattr(obj, name)
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