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# Shibboleth IdP AES Secret Key Rotator (DataSealer) by Matt Borja
# Reference:
# Caution: Target $nodes should be placed in maintenance mode before committing to minimize service disruption.
[String]$idp_home = "C:/Program Files (x86)/Shibboleth/IdP",
[String]$alias = "secret",
[String[]]$nodes = ("", ""),
function BuildNodeIdPPath([string]$node, [string]$local_path) {
return (Resolve-Path -Path $local_path).ToString().Replace("C:\", [string]::Format("\\{0}\c$\", $node))
function GetIdPConfiguration([string]$config, [string]$idp_home, [string]$name) {
$idp_properties = (Resolve-Path -Path "$idp_home/conf/")
$pattern = [string]::format("^{0}\s*=\s*(.+)$", [Regex]::Escape($name))
$result = (Get-Content $idp_properties | Select-String -Pattern $pattern)
if ($result.Matches.Count -eq 0) {
Write-Host "[WARN] No value found for $name ($pattern)"
return $null
$value = $result.Matches.Groups[1].Value
return $value.Replace("%{idp.home}", $idp_home)
$keygen_bin = (Resolve-Path -Path "$idp_home/bin/seckeygen.bat")
$sealer_path = (Resolve-Path -Path "$idp_home/credentials")
# Load from configuration file
$storepass = (GetIdPConfiguration -idp_home $idp_home -name "idp.sealer.storePassword")
$storefile = (Resolve-Path -Path (GetIdPConfiguration -idp_home $idp_home -name "idp.sealer.storeResource"))
$versionfile = (Resolve-Path -Path (GetIdPConfiguration -idp_home $idp_home -name "idp.sealer.versionResource"))
& $keygen_bin --storefile $storefile --storepass $storepass --versionfile $versionfile --alias $alias
# Replicate
ForEach ($node in $nodes) {
Write-Host "Replicating to $node..."
$dest = (BuildNodeIdPPath -node $node -local_path $sealer_path)
Copy-Item $sealer_path\sealer.* $dest
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