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GigaVue 2404 & Other Factory Reset Instructions

Do this when you have lost the root password and all superuser passwords for a GigaVUE 2404 or other models of similar vintage.


Get into RedBoot ROM environment on console serial port via Control-C at boot. Issue reset command to restore factory defaults. Log in using default root password and set a new root password. Then rebuild configurations.


  1. Towards the left side of slot 1, connect an RJ45 serial cable to the RJ45 "Console" port (it is next to the RJ45 "Mgmt" network port)
    1. Serial parameters are 115200/8/N/1, no flow control
  2. Reboot/power on the device. Hit control-C when it mentions RedBoot
    1. Easiest to tap ^c during boot until the keystroke is captured and the RedBoot prompt comes up and remains
  3. At the RedBoot> prompt
    1. Type fconfig rstrtac true
    2. Answer y when it asks Update RedBoot non-volatile configuration - continue (y/n)?
  4. Reboot again, and log in as root with the default password (as shown in GigaVUE 2404 Quick Start Guide)
    1. Login as: root
    2. Use password: root123A! (Previous models used root123)
  5. Change the root password to something non-default
  6. Restore or rebuild necessary configuration and create necessary user accounts


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