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Upgradescript for Mattermost
# Mattermost Team Edition Update Script for by Dominik Janczyk
# created April 2016
# Description:
# This script downloads Mattermost, attempts a backup of the current installation folder and if successful proceeds with an in-place upgrade to the version specified.
# It takes one argument: the version to which Mattermost should be upgraded in the following format: 1.2.3
# WARNING: This script is not smart, it cannot deal with changes that require a human to make decisions. Check the release notes before attempting the update wether there are manual actions needed for the upgrade (as was the case with version 3)
# Also it does not make a database backup.
# REMINDER: Be sure to check and modify the variables in lines 22ff. according to your deployment.
if [[ "$(whoami)" != 'root' ]]; then
echo "root permissions are needed to run this script successfully! Aborting..."
exit 1;
if [[ ! "$1" =~ ^[0-9]\.[0-9]\.[0-9]$ ]]; then
echo "version number $1 not valid! Aborting..."
exit 1;
TODAY=$(date +%Y-%m-%d)
WGET=$(which wget)
TAR=$(which tar)
echo "determining whether to use systemctl or service"
if [[ $(which systemctl) == 0 ]]; then
STARTMATTERMOST="$(which systemctl) start mattermost"
STOPMATTERMOST="$(which systemctl) stop mattermost"
STARTMATTERMOST="$(which service) mattermost start"
STOPMATTERMOST="$(which service) mattermost stop"
echo "Downloading Mattermost team version $1"
$WGET -O /tmp/mattermost-$1.tar.gz $MMURL
echo "stopping Mattermost"
echo "backing up current Mattermost Folder"
test -d $MMBACKUPDIR || mkdir -p $MMBACKUPDIR
$TAR -czf $MMBACKUPDIR/mattermost-backup-$TODAY.tar.gz $MMDIR || (echo "backing up current Mattermost installation failed. Aborting..." && exit 1)
echo "backing up current config.json"
cp $MMDIR/config/config.json $MMBACKUPDIR/config.json.pre-$1.bak
echo "unpacking new version"
$TAR -xzf /tmp/mattermost-$1.tar.gz -C $MMBASEDIR --overwrite
echo "bringing back custom config.json"
cp -f $MMBACKUPDIR/config.json.pre-$1.bak $MMDIR/config/config.json
echo "fixing permissions"
echo "starting Mattermost"
if [ $? != 0 ]; then
echo "something went wrong starting Mattermost after the upgrade. Please examine."
echo -n "do you want me to roll back? (Y/n): "
read answer
if [[ $answer -eq "y" || $answer -eq "yes" || $answer -eq "" ]]; then
$STOPMATTERMOST && echo "stopped mattermost"
rm -rf $MMDIR && echo "deleted mattermost directory"
tar -xzf $MMBACKUPDIR/mattermost-backup-$TODAY.tar.gz -C $MMBASEDIR && echo "unpacked previously made backup"
$STARTMATTERMOST && echo "starting mattermost"
exit 1;
echo "deleting temporary file"
rm /tmp/mattermost-$1.tar.gz
echo "Mattermost successfully updated to version $1!"
exit 0
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