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Created Jul 25, 2022
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Informational Article

What is ShibaDoge? Missed Shiba Inu? Missed DogeCoin? Don’t miss ShibaDoge!

What is ShibaDoge?

ShibaDoge (Token Symbol SHIBDOGE) started as a utility subtoken of the Ethereum network (an ERC20 token) founded on the principles of unity, community, and decentralization. The project was originally started by 5 early adopters and investors in Dogecoin and Shiba Inu who were looking to bring the two communities together. The team has now grown to 15 people from all over the world with world-class expertise in smart contracts, Web3 development, NFTs and Media. Web3 will serve as the next frontier for human civilization and ShibaDoge intends to be at the forefront of this monumental paradigm shift. The token was launched on December 24th, 2021 with a total supply of 420 sextillion tokens. At the time of launch, 50% of the total supply was immediately burned, and given that there are reflections to every wallet, including the burn wallet, ShibDoge is an auto-deflationary token.

What are the ShibaDoge Tokenomics and why are they important?

The Tokenomics of ShibaDoge are designed to reward holders and grow the project through a buy and sell tax implemented on every transaction. ShibaDoge Tokenomics follow the 5 by 5 by 5 model, where a total of 15% of every transaction is equally distributed to the liquidity pool, holders, and marketing wallet. The tokenomics for ShibaDoge also contains anti-whale protections by limiting an individual max wallet to 1%, meaning no single wallet can control a majority of the supply of the token.

How does the ShibaDoge liquidity pool work and is it safe?

Unlike other cryptocurrencies that have control of their liquidity pools and utilize 3rd parties to lock all or some of their liquidity, ShibaDoge has the majority (85%+) of its liquidity locked in the smart contract forever. This means that no one, not even the developers themselves have access to the liquidity pool, further ensuring the safety and longevity of the token holders and project - a tailored solution embracing the long term vision of ShibaDoge and fulfilling the vision of decentralization. At the time of publishing, less than 15% of the ShibaDoge liquidity pool is kept by 3rd party liquidity locker Unicrypt.

Where is ShibaDoge listed and how do you buy ShibaDoge?

The primary way to purchase ShibaDoge tokens are via Uniswap but tokens can also be purchased on one of the 6 CEX’s (exchanges) that the token is listed on. To purchase ShibaDoge tokens on Uniswap you simply search the token contract address 0x6adb2e268de2aa1abf6578e4a8119b960e02928f in the Uniswap swapping app ( and swap Ethereum (ETH) for your desired set of tokens.

As of now, the ShibaDoge token can also be found on, Bitmart, Lbank, Digifinex, BKEX and

What are the ShibaDoge NFTs?

The ShibaDoge NFTs are the projects official first entry point into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). At the time of publishing, there are two NFT collections released under the ShibaDoge ecosystem. Each collection contains a series of 10,000 unique hand drawn NFTs, representing highly trained and specialized combat veterans who are working together on the frontlines to one day see cryptocurrency become the official currency of earth. The collections are known as the Doge Army and Shiba Army and can be traded on the NFT marketplace OpenSea. ShibaDoge’s 3rd project is a highly anticipated collection known as the ShibaDoge Army and is exclusively available to holders of pairs in each collection. The NFTs are used to gain exclusive access to various rewarded activities within the ecosystem and project governance.

How big is the community of ShibaDoge?

Within 7 months, the ShibaDoge ecosystem represents more than 25,000 wallet addresses holding the SHIBDOGE token and more than 3,000 NFT holders. More than 100,000 people follow the project across different platforms - with the majority of that on Twitter. The community is one of the most active across Telegram and Discord, with 24/7 voice chats ongoing more often than not. The Telegram and Discord experience is one of education and information about Cryptocurrency, Web3, and DeFi as a whole.

What is the vision of ShibaDoge?

ShibaDoge’s vision of the future is laid out in a medium article (“A vision of Unity for the next 888 years”). The roadmap is driven by two common goals, 1. Reduce the barrier of entry and increase the adoptability of the token to the masses, and 2. Further expand and extend on the core ecosystem, unifying the DeFi and Web3 space as a whole. The ultimate goal of the developers is to create an entirely self-sustaining ecosystem that is governed by the community of token holders and contributors to the project.

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