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Working from Home

Justin Paul recklessop

Working from Home
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1. Clone your fork:

git clone

2. Add remote from original repository in your forked repository:

cd into/cloned/fork-repo
git remote add upstream git://
git fetch upstream
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# Author Rajesh Sitaraman
# @rjesh |
Download Ignite 2019 session presentation slides and videos.
PS C:\> .\Get-IgniteContent.ps1 -DownloadPath /Users/rajeshsitaraman/src/public/share/IG-2019 -Keyword "AI"
PS C:\> .\Get-IgniteContent.ps1 -DownloadPath /Users/rajeshsitaraman/src/public/share/IG-2019 -Keyword "Teams" -IncludeVideos