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require 'nokogiri'
html = "Strange strange Crismas?"
word = "strange"
def highlight(html, word)
n = Nokogiri::HTML::fragment(html).tap do |doc|'.//text()').each do |text_node|
new_contents = text_node.text.gsub(/\b(#{word})\b/i, '<span class="bold">\1</span>')
highlight(html, word)
=> "Strange strange Crismas?"

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ChintuKarthi commented Jul 3, 2019

Hey, thanks for the gist. I am facing some issue when there is a '<' in the html input.
When a string like this html = "Strange but the snow is <low than previous Christmas?"
The function is converting the '<' to a tag something like this. < low . >< low >

Is there any way to avoid this?

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