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Last active Nov 12, 2018
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type Query {
FindPetsByStatus(status: [String!]): [Pet]
FindPetsByTags(tags: [String!]): [Pet]
GetPetById(petId: Int!): Pet
GetInventory(): Int!
GetOrderById(orderId: Int!): Order
GetUserByName(username: String!): User
LoginUser(username: String!, password: String!): String!
LogoutUser(): null
}type Mutation {
AddPet(pet: Pet): null
DeletePet(petId: Int!, apiKey: String!): null
UpdatePet(pet: Pet): null
UpdatePetWithForm(petId: Int!, name: String!, status: String!): null
UploadFile(petId: Int!, additionalMetadata: String!, file: String!): ApiResponse
DeleteOrder(orderId: String!): null
PlaceOrder(order: Order): Order
CreateUser(user: User): null
CreateUsersWithArrayInput(user: [User]): null
CreateUsersWithListInput(user: [User]): null
DeleteUser(username: String!): null
UpdateUser(username: String!, user: User): null
type ApiResponse {
code: Int!
type: String!
message: String!
type Category {
id: Int!
name: String!
type InlineObject {
name: String!
status: String!
type InlineObject1 {
additionalMetadata: String!
file: String!
type Order {
id: Int!
petId: Int!
quantity: Int!
shipDate: String!
status: OrderStatusEnum
complete: Boolean!
enum OrderStatusEnum {
type Pet {
id: Int!
category: Category
name: String!
photoUrls: [String!]
tags: [Tag]
status: PetStatusEnum
enum PetStatusEnum {
type Tag {
id: Int!
name: String!
type User {
id: Int!
username: String!
firstName: String!
lastName: String!
email: String!
password: String!
phone: String!
userStatus: Int!
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