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'Hash' safe property name. Take an object and represent it as a 'safe' javascript property string, for purposes of memoization.
* @param {Object|string} input - The string or object to flatten into a hash key string
* @returns {string} - a string representing the object as a unique string.
* @example hashSafePropertyName({a:200,b:500,c:[300,200,'eggs']}); // 'a$200_b$500_c$__300_200_eggs__'
function hashSafePropertyName(input) {
var isString = _.isString(input);
var isObject = _.isObject(input) && !_.isEmpty(input) && _.isArray(input);
if (!isString && !isObject) {
return false;
return (isObject ? JSON.stringify(input) : input)
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