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# Log in to Azure
# Set up key variables
$subscrName="<name of your Azure subscription>" -- "Visual Studio Premium with MSDN"
$rgName="<your resource group name>" -- "SharePoint-2013"
$locName="<the Azure location of your resource group>" -- "WestEurope"
$dnsName="<unique, public domain name label for the SQL server>" -- "sp2013-db-01"
# Set the Azure subscription
Get-AzureRmSubscription -SubscriptionName $subscrName | Select-AzureRmSubscription
# Get the Azure storage account name
$sa=Get-AzureRMStorageaccount | where {$_.ResourceGroupName -eq $rgName}
# Create an availability set for SQL Server virtual machines
New-AzureRMAvailabilitySet -Name sqlAvailabilitySet -ResourceGroupName $rgName -Location $locName
# Create the SQL Server virtual machine
$vnet=Get-AzureRMVirtualNetwork -Name "SP2013Vnet" -ResourceGroupName $rgName
$nicName=$vmName + "-NIC"
$pipName=$vmName + "-PublicIP"
$pip=New-AzureRMPublicIpAddress -Name $pipName -ResourceGroupName $rgName -DomainNameLabel $dnsName -Location $locName -AllocationMethod Dynamic
$nic=New-AzureRMNetworkInterface -Name $nicName -ResourceGroupName $rgName -Location $locName -SubnetId $vnet.Subnets[0].Id -PublicIpAddressId $pip.Id -PrivateIpAddress ""
$avSet=Get-AzureRMAvailabilitySet -Name sqlAvailabilitySet -ResourceGroupName $rgName
$vm=New-AzureRMVMConfig -VMName $vmName -VMSize $vmSize -AvailabilitySetId $avSet.Id
$storageAcc=Get-AzureRMStorageAccount -ResourceGroupName $rgName -Name $saName
$vhdURI=$storageAcc.PrimaryEndpoints.Blob.ToString() + "vhds/" + $vmName + "-SQLDataDisk.vhd"
Add-AzureRMVMDataDisk -VM $vm -Name $diskLabel -DiskSizeInGB $diskSize -VhdUri $vhdURI -CreateOption empty
$cred=Get-Credential -Message "Type the name and password of the local administrator account of the SQL Server computer."
$vm=Set-AzureRMVMOperatingSystem -VM $vm -Windows -ComputerName $vmName -Credential $cred -ProvisionVMAgent -EnableAutoUpdate
$vm=Set-AzureRMVMSourceImage -VM $vm -PublisherName MicrosoftSQLServer -Offer SQL2012SP2-WS2012R2 -Skus Standard -Version "latest"
$vm=Add-AzureRMVMNetworkInterface -VM $vm -Id $nic.Id
$storageAcc=Get-AzureRMStorageAccount -ResourceGroupName $rgName -Name $saName
$osDiskUri=$storageAcc.PrimaryEndpoints.Blob.ToString() + "vhds/" + $vmName + "-OSDiskres.vhd"
$vm=Set-AzureRMVMOSDisk -VM $vm -Name "OSDisk" -VhdUri $osDiskUri -CreateOption fromImage
New-AzureRMVM -ResourceGroupName $rgName -Location $locName -VM $vm
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