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sealed trait WeakConformance[A <: AnyVal, B <: AnyVal, C] {
implicit def aToC(a: A): C
implicit def bToC(b: B): C
object WeakConformance {
implicit def SameSame[T <: AnyVal]: WeakConformance[T, T, T] = new WeakConformance[T, T, T] {
implicit def aToC(a: T): T = a
implicit def bToC(b: T): T = b
implicit def IntDouble: WeakConformance[Int, Double, Double] = new WeakConformance[Int, Double, Double] {
implicit def aToC(a: Int) = a
implicit def bToC(b: Double) = b
implicit def DoubleInt: WeakConformance[Double, Int, Double] = new WeakConformance[Double, Int, Double] {
implicit def aToC(a: Double) = a
implicit def bToC(b: Int) = b
// etc
def unify[A <: AnyVal, B <: AnyVal, C](a: A, b: B)(implicit ev: WeakConformance[A, B, C]): (C, C) = {
import ev._
(a: C, b: C)
unify(1, 1): (Int, Int)
unify(1, 1.0): (Double, Double)
unify(1.0, 1): (Double, Double)
unify(1.0, 1.0): (Double, Double)
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