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Last active Jan 24, 2022
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Turning lodash into declarative SQL

Lodash has a sweet feature called a mixin that lets you alias function names. Below here I alias names that we're used to using in SQL to (roughly) equivalent functions in lodash.

  from: _.chain,
  where: _.filter,
  groupBy: _.sortByOrder,

Which allows us to write the JavaScript equivalent of

SELECT p.firstname, p.birthYear FROM Person p
WHERE p.birthYear > 1903 and IS NOT 'US'
GROUP BY p.firstname, p.birthYear


 .where(p => p.birthYear > 1900 && !== 'US')
 .groupBy(['firstname', 'birthYear'])
 .select('firstname', 'birthYear')
 .value() // Lazily evaluated up until this point!

Credit goes to Luis Atencio's Functional Programming in JavaScript book.

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