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Created Sep 21, 2017

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Thoughts on Addressing UI Elements in VID
Red [
Notes: {
Is a reimagining of the Eve-style Clock demo without
using words to access UI elements. Adaptation of:
clock-demo: {
base 200x200 transparent rate 1 now draw [
scale 2 2
fill-pen #0B79CE pen off
circle 50x50 45
line-width 2
hour: rotate 0 50x50 [pen #023963 line 50x50 50x20]
min: rotate 0 50x50 [pen #023963 line 50x50 50x10]
sec: rotate 0 50x50 [pen #CE0B46 line 50x50 50x10]
] on-time [
time: now/time
hour/2: 30 * time/hour
min/2: 6 * time/minute
sec/2: 6 * time/second
system/view/silent?: yes
view [
title "Eve clock demo"
backdrop #2C3339
area #source background #13181E 410x300 no-border clock-demo font [
name: "Consolas"
size: 9
color: hex-to-rgb #9EBACB
] product [
; product of the field is defined in the field,
; is calculated when accessed
attempt/safer [layout/tight/only load face/text]
panel 200x300 background #2C3339 react [
face/pane: get-face #source
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