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Created Mar 14, 2011
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(ns mca.gillespie
(:require [clojure.contrib.generic.math-functions :as math]))
(defn choice [m]
(let [r (rand (apply + (vals m)))]
(loop [[[k w] & kws] (seq m)
sum 0]
(if (or (nil? kws) (< r (+ sum w))) k
(recur kws (+ sum w))))))
(defn rxn-commands [rxn]
(:cmds rxn))
(defn execute-command [mixture [cmd n specie]]
(update-in mixture [specie] (partial cmd n)))
(defn apply-rxn [rxn mixture]
(reduce execute-command mixture (rxn-commands rxn)))
(defn get-activities [state]
(let [{:keys [mixture rxns]} state
as (for [{:keys [lhs rate]} rxns]
(apply * rate (for [[mol freq] lhs]
(* (mixture mol) freq))))]
(zipmap rxns as)))
(defn step [state]
(let [activities (get-activities state)
rxn (choice activities)
total-activity (apply + (vals activities))
dt (/ (math/log (/ 1 (rand))) total-activity)]
(-> state
(update-in [:time] (partial + dt))
(update-in [:num-steps] inc)
(update-in [:mixture] (partial apply-rxn rxn))
(update-in [:executed-rxn] rxn))))
(defn compile-rxn [[name rxn rate]]
(let [[lhs arrow rhs] (partition-by #{"<->" "->"} rxn)
[lhs-counts rhs-counts] (map frequencies [lhs rhs])
mols (distinct (concat lhs rhs))
cmds (for [mol mols
:let [diff (- (or (rhs-counts mol) 0)
(or (lhs-counts mol) 0))
op (cond
(> diff 0) +
(< diff 0) -)]
:when op]
[op (math/abs diff) mol])]
{:name name :lhs lhs-counts :cmds cmds :rate (val rxn)}))
(defn simulate* [rxns init & {:keys [num-steps time until perturbations]}]
(let [state {:time 0 :num-steps 0 :mixture init :rxns (mapcat compile-rxn rxns)}
sim (iterate (fn [{rxns :rxns :as state}]
(reduce #(%2 %1) (step state) perturbations)) state)]
num-steps (take num-steps sim)
time (take-while #(= (:time %) time) sim)
until (take-while until sim)
:else sim)))
(defn replace-keys [f m]
(into {} (for [[k v] m] [(f k) v])))
(defn transform-rxn [rxn]
(:rxn (reduce (fn [state a]
(if (number? a)
(assoc state :n a)
{:n 1 :rxn (concat (:rxn state) (repeat (:n state) (str a)))}))
{:n 1 :rxn []} rxn)))
(defn or-comb [& preds]
(fn [x] (some #(% x) preds)))
;; TODO make regular expressions for sequences... it'll make recognizing
;; patterns in macros much more easy
(defn encode-rxn-set [rxn-set-spec]
(let [splitted (take-nth 2 (partition-by #{'at} rxn-set-spec))
rates (map (fn [[rxn1 rxn2]]
(some #{ '->} rxn1) (take 1 rxn2)
(some #{'<->} rxn1) (take 2 rxn2)))
(partition 2 1 splitted))
rxns (cons (first splitted)
(drop-last (map #(drop (count %1) %2) rates (rest splitted))))
names (map (fn [[name]] (if (string? name) name "")) rxns)
rxns-seq (map (comp transform-rxn (partial remove (or-comb string? #{'* '+}))) rxns)]
(map vector names rxns-seq rates)))
(defn make-perturbation [pred mod]
(fn [state]
(if (pred state) (mod state) state)))
(defn make-modification [[op n-or-rxn specie-or-n]]
(case op
'add #(update-in % [:mixture (str specie-or-n)] (partial + n-or-rxn))
'del #(update-in % [:mixture (str specie-or-n)] (partial - n-or-rxn))
'change-rate #(assoc-in % [:rxns n-or-rxn :rate] specie-or-n)
'inc-rate #(update-in % [:rxns n-or-rxn :rate] (partial + specie-or-n))
'dec-rate #(update-in % [:rxns n-or-rxn :rate] (partial - specie-or-n))))
(defn get-qty-if-molecule [x state]
(let [{:keys [mixture]} state]
(if (symbol? x) (mixture (str x)) x)))
(defn make-pred [op pred-part]
(case op
'at (let [[wait-amount wait-type] pred-part]
#(= wait-amount ((case wait-type
'time-units :time
'events :num-steps) %)))
'every (let [[wait-amount wait-type] pred-part]
#(zero? (mod ((case wait-type
'time-units :time
'events :num-steps) %) wait-amount)))
'when (cond
(= (count pred-part) 3) (let [[a op b] pred-part]
#(op (get-qty-if-molecule a %)
(get-qty-if-molecule b %)))
(= (last pred-part) 'executes) #(= (-> % :executed-rxn :name)
(second pred-part)))))
(defn parse-perturbations [perturbations]
(for [p perturbations
:let [mod-part (take-last 3 p)
pred-part (drop-last 3 (rest p))]]
(make-perturbation (make-pred (first p) pred-part)
(make-modification mod-part))))
(defn parse-opts [opts]
(let [groups (map (partial apply concat) (partition 2 (partition-by keyword? opts)))
[[_ & perturbations]] (filter (comp #{:perturbations} first) groups)]
(into {} (cons [:perturbations (parse-perturbations perturbations)]
(map vec (remove (comp #{:perturbations} first) groups))))))
(defmacro simulate [rxn-set-spec init & opts]
`(simulate* ~(encode-rxn-set rxn-set-spec) ~(replace-keys str init) ~(parse-opts opts)))
(simulate ["r1" X0 + E1 <-> X0-E1 at 1, 1
"r2" X0-E1 <-> X1-E1 at 1, 1
"r3" X1-E1 <-> X1 + E1 at 1, 1]
{X0 1000
E1 20}
:num-steps 1000 ;; or :time t, or :until pred (over the state)
(at 10 time-units add 1 X0)
(every 20 events del 1 X1)
(when X0 = 990 change-rate "r1" 10)
(when "r2" executes inc-rate "r3" 1)))
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