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Chart Component
(ns om-data-vis.chart
(:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :refer [go go-loop]])
(:require [om.core :as om :include-macros true]
[cljs.core.async :refer [<! chan put! sliding-buffer]]
[ajax.core :refer (GET)]
[sablono.core :as html :refer-macros [html]]))
(defn- draw-chart [cursor {:keys [div bounds x-axis y-axis plot]}]
(let [{:keys [id width height]} div
Chart (.-chart js/dimple)
svg (.newSvg js/dimple (str "#" id) width height)
data (get-in cursor [:data])
dimple-chart (.setBounds (Chart. svg) (:x bounds) (:y bounds) (:width bounds) (:height bounds))
x (.addCategoryAxis dimple-chart "x" x-axis)
y (.addMeasureAxis dimple-chart "y" y-axis)
s (.addSeries dimple-chart nil plot (clj->js [x y]))]
(aset s "data" (clj->js data))
(.addLegend dimple-chart "5%" "10%" "20%" "10%" "right")
(.draw dimple-chart)
(.attr (.selectAll (.-shapes x) "text") "transform" "rotate(45,0,12.6015625) translate(5, 0)")))
(defn chart-figure [cursor owner {:keys [chart] :as opts}]
(will-mount [_]
(let [event-chan (om/get-state owner [:event-chan])
event-fn (:event-fn opts)]
(go (while true
(let [v (<! event-chan)]
(event-fn cursor owner v))))))
(render [_]
(let [{:keys [id width height]} (:div chart)]
[:div {:id id :width width :height height}])))
(did-update [_ _ _]
(let [n (.getElementById js/document "chart")]
(while (.hasChildNodes n)
(.removeChild n (.-lastChild n))))
(when (seq (:data cursor))
(draw-chart cursor chart)))))
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