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ricardo-rossi /
Last active Mar 29, 2022
Installing ElasticSearch on Ubuntu 14.04
### ./ 1.7 will install Elasticsearch 1.7
### ./ will fail because no version was specified (exit code 1)
### CLI options Contributed by @janpieper
### Check for latest version of ElasticSearch
ricardo-rossi /
Last active Sep 17, 2020 — forked from ervinb/
Install Maven 3.3.3 on Ubuntu 14.04
sudo apt-get purge -y maven
if ! [ -e apache-maven-3.3.3-bin.tar.gz ]; then (curl -OL; fi
sudo tar -zxf apache-maven-3.3.3-bin.tar.gz -C /usr/local/
sudo ln -s /usr/local/apache-maven-3.3.3/bin/mvn /usr/bin/mvn
echo "Maven is on version `mvn -v`"
View chart.cljs
(ns om-data-vis.chart
(:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :refer [go go-loop]])
(:require [om.core :as om :include-macros true]
[cljs.core.async :refer [<! chan put! sliding-buffer]]
[ajax.core :refer (GET)]
[sablono.core :as html :refer-macros [html]]))
(defn- draw-chart [cursor {:keys [div bounds x-axis y-axis plot]}]
(let [{:keys [id width height]} div
Chart (.-chart js/dimple)
View routing.cljs
defresource contact [handlers]
:allowed-methods #{:delete :put}
:available-media-types #{"application/json"}
:handle-ok (fn [{{{id :id} :route-params routes :routes} :request}]
(assert (realized? handlers))
(html [:div [:h2 "Contact: " id]
[:a {:href (path-for routes (:contacts @handlers))} "Index"]])))
(defn make-handlers [database]
(let [p (promise)]
ricardo-rossi / typeahead.cljs
Created Apr 18, 2017
ReactJS Component for type ahead
View typeahead.cljs
(defn typeahead [data owner]
(init-state [_] {:text ""})
(render-state [_ {:keys [text]}]
(let [words (:words data)]
(dom/div nil
(dom/h2 nil "Tag")
ricardo-rossi /
Created Dec 21, 2015 — forked from patrickarlt/
ES 7 async/await demo!
babel github-es6.js -o github.js --optional runtime --experimental
View gist:fd15902864d47696b9d5
while true;
git log \
--graph \
--all \
--color \
--date=short \
-40 \
ricardo-rossi / SampleLoader.php
Created Sep 18, 2014
Loads sample data into database
View SampleLoader.php
<?php namespace Endata\Data;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\DB;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\File;
use Ingredient;
use Nutrient;
use Composition;
use Settings;
use Plant;
use Formula;
View Nutrient.php
class Nutrient extends BaseModel {
protected $guarded = array();
public static $rules = array(
'name' => 'required',
'unit' => 'required'
ricardo-rossi / StripeBilling.php
Created Sep 18, 2014
Laravel Adapter for Stripe Billing
View StripeBilling.php
<?php namespace Endata\Billing;
use Stripe;
use Stripe_Charge;
use Stripe_Customer;
use Stripe_InvalidRequestError;
use Stripe_CardError;
use Config;
use Exception;