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Powershell script for updating nuget packages
Write-Host "Getting installed packages from packages.configs"
$installedPackages = Get-ChildItem -path '.' -Recurse -Include 'packages.config' |
Select-Xml -xpath '//package/@id' |
Select-Object -ExpandProperty Node |
Select-Object -ExpandProperty value |
Sort-Object -Unique
Write-Host "Getting available update from $nugetUrl"
$availablePackages = nuget list -source $nugetUrl |
foreach {$_.Split(' ')[0]}
Write-Host "Updating NuGetPackages"
$nugetExeIdArgs = @()
$installedPackages |
where {$availablePackages -contains $_} |
ForEach-Object {
Write-Host("Updating $_")
$nugetExeIdArgs += "-Id"
$nugetExeIdArgs += $_
$nuget = 'nuget.exe'
$arguments = "update", $nugetTarget, "-Source", $nugetUrl, "-Source", ""
$arguments += $nugetExeIdArgs
&$nuget $arguments
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